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Reiaze's gameplay for Chrono Cross (PS)

Reiaze played Chrono Cross

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Reiaze said...
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I love Chrono Cross. It's one of my favorite games. I have many fond, yet blurry, memories of the game. I bought it the instant I saw it on PSN. I still have the original disc I bought all those years ago, in mint condition.


I don't remember the status effect "Flu". It's annoying and it's also not exactly ideal to contract it while playing on a PSP that's just had it's D-Pad fixed ¬_¬#
Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 02/AUG/00
Emblem for Genome

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I also love Chrono Cross, I bought it just to have it and since I got my youngest brother to try Trigger and he ended up loving it, I wound up giving the download copy to him as well.
It needs more fans so we can get more sequels and more great soundtracks.
@Reiaze naw... it is Squeenix that owns the Chrono Series.

The same company that ignores all their good properties, like the Mana series and the Dragon Quest series... and instead, makes yet another Final Fantasy game (and screws it up, again... it is like they are trying to out Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid--but failling).

Honestly, it might have been an issue with Akiri Toriyama went over to Enix and worked on the Dragon Quest series (Akiri is only able to draw five different characters--literaly, look at enough of his works... same five characters over and over again). However it is now Squeenix (or Square-Enix... but look at all of the Cloud, Squal and Kingdom Hearts fans... it is Squeenix as the only proper name).

So honestly, it should not be that hard to entice Akiri Toriyama over to do another Chrono game.

The only issue is, Squeenix has all this wonderful property... and what are they doing... Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Another Tactics game! Or Chrono! Or Dragon Quest Monsters! Or hey! Rocket Slime! Or hell, I fucking loved Secret of Mana. My only issue with Sword of Mana was it was too incomplete. It was like playing a Tech Demo--if THAT had been expanded I would have been spooging mountains of trap cum at the chance of seeing it. Never mind seeing it, just the change! Legend of Mana was freakin Beautiful. I'd love to play Secret of Mana 3. Sure, Children of Mana sucked--but that is because it was not a Mana game... but pretty much a free range Mystery Dungeon game, with Mana heroes instead of Shiro The Wanderer, or "Gatorface" the Totodile. Honestly, allowing Gatorface to move free range would be too damned scary, so you DO get props for that.

Seriously, people love Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Chrono Cross was awesome enough, that you did not kill it by ripping off the battle system for FFXIII. In fact, since Chrono Cross does NOT try to mesh up JRPG with Rail Shooters, it is even more brilliant due to it.

So yeah... agree, love another Chrono game. Will not happen, just like they do not release more Tactics, Tactics Advanced (different games, apparently), DQM, Rocket Slime or Mana series.
-Rocket Slime had another downloadable adventure for 3DS...
-Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 is due out next year..
-Tactics Ogre was a fairly recent release (although a remake) and was a Tactics game for PSP.
-Aside from Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, and Legend of Mana, what has the other 5 installments, that were released after what I just listed, of the series done that was anything worth remembering? An RTS mana game? 2 dungeon crawler hack 'n slash games with no story? Dawn of Mana!? What the hell was that crap-pile?
-Akira Toriyama only helped with Chrono Trigger and I'm so sick of his drawing style as he seems to lack any and all creativity these days. You psyche yourself up in DQ VIII and guess what, your hair starts glowing and stands up in spikes... Wow... I haven't seen that over and over again for the past 20 years... Get the same artist that did Chrono Cross, he had a lot of inspired and intriguing characters and his art style was something I never saw before.

Square seems to have a policy and it's to leave their masterpieces alone. They'll re-release anything so long as it's the exact same way they originally created it. Not often do you see full blown adapted remakes (like Tactics Ogre, let us cling together) and it typically doesn't matter how much the fan base whines.

Look what happened when they re-released Chrono Trigger and added new content to it. Was it perceived well? Nope... Everyone complained - Not enough, I want more! No matter what they do it's never good enough for anyone consuming it, yet here we all are consuming it anyways.

I love Square. They'll make a Chrono game when they feel like it. Nobody thought Cross would ever come, and it did in the end. They also left the Chrono Trigger remake with an optional last boss and a special ending leaving an opening for a new installment featuring Magus. There's no denying that there isn't some sort of small intention to drive it forward. You know what worries me? Not being able to play another installment in the Chrono series because it won't leave Japan... Did anyone play Chrono Trigger 2? It may have gone by the name Radical Dreamers or something... I didn't play it, I can't find it anywhere... It was never released here.

FFXIII was awesome. FFXIII-2 is shaping up to be pretty awesome too. Type-0 looks incredible. Kingdom Hearts 3D is going to make me a happy boy. Versus is drool worthy...

And to leave this on a happier note: If they can resurrect Aya Brea and the Parasite Eve franchise after ten years of silence then I have no doubts that they can just as easily shell out another installment of the Chrono series. We'll just have to wait, it'll come and it'll be worth it.

Further proof that everyone loves Chrono Cross: It's literally got the highest rating I've EVER seen on PSN. 4.97 out of 5... Insane.

P.S. Did you know Chrono Cross is X-Plays number 1 pick for "most disappointing sequel ever created" --- Funny, because I loved it.
@Roxas-UrBoxas Children of Mana was the crap piles name, Sword of Mana is the prequal to Secret of Mana. Sword of Mana was a rerelease on the GBA of an old SNES game, BTW.

Not certain there was much else apart from Sword of Mana, Secret of Mana, Secret of Mana 3 and Legend of Mana.

- In the case of Akira Toriyama and the legal stuff there...

Squeenix tends to use "legal work" as its shullbit excuse at any time it wants to be stubborn.

Remember this dude name "Geno"? Yeah...

- Radical Dreamers was the cancelled project. It disappeared in 1996... then was dead completely in 1998. It's only hope is that unholy text that allowed Duke Nukem Forever to live.

- In the case of Chrono Trigger fan sequals... ah... there is a reason I will state, Squeenix is a bitch about legal stuff.

In fact, most fan works of the Chrono series tends to get cease and desist notices right away. It might be a side effect Chrono Trigger was originally on the SNES... and Squeenix is still pissed at Nintendo.

- Honestly, Akira Toriyama can only draw five different characters. That kind of is his thing. Get a product by him, and you have to ask yourself, "what five characters will I get this time?".

- DQM:Joker 2 has been out in Japan for a few years already. That is the more annoying part with how the entire Dragon Quest franchise works... it seems like it takes no less than five years for them to be okay with porting most of the games in it.

- I'm still poor, and have not bought a 3DS. I am starting to feel like--oh hey, that point where people seem to expect me to have the new system, but when I go to the store with buttons in my pocket--the person in the store laughs at me. Then everybody else laughs, "why don't you have a 3DS? You should get one." and I really do not want the cops phoning my place over the only current obvious solution/

- I honestly hated every moment I had to put into the effort of watching FFXIII. The game play made me want to vomit--repeatitively. Apparently, on better graphics, it has even MORE sparkles. BECAUSE GUESS WHAT?! THE UNDEAD FUCKING SPARKEL! The writing was appauling, the voice dialogue was worse. I honestly was wondering if they were readying Final Fantasy to have a movie by Uwe Boll most of my playing of that.

It is a 20hr long tutorial mode, that tries to merge Railshooter mechanics with JRPG... and I could not get past the first 5hrs of it.

I fucking proposed marriaged to the Ben "Yahtzee" Crosshaw review that agreed with me (as nobody else seemed to)... not Ben himself, that would be creepy, he doesn't know me. The video though said she was having cold feet, and would think about it. I then caught her making out with a lolcat.

- Haven't played the Kingdom Heart series yet. Still need to get a PS2 setup, and the first two games. As it would seem weird to just jump in to the middle of the current stuff.

- Type-o I do not think I really have a system that runs on.

- I never really saw much wrong with the Monster Arena add on, or the extra bits in Chrono Trigger. The people complaining about those were the same that would agree with X-Play's review of Chrono Cross. Which is an awesome game, BTW.
-Heroes of Mana was the RTS one, Did you miss that one? Pure garbage! I found sword of mana was a trash heap too. The only redeeming quality of heroes of mana was the music...

-What was that one fan work they were doing that got ordered to stop? Chrono Ressurection? Would of been badass, but Square, if they would do it, would make a better one than they could muster.

-I was positive that Radical Dreamers saw the light of day... Apparently it wasn't so much a game as a "text based choose your own adventure" I'll have to see if I can contact my friend Chris who used to talk about it... Perhaps he can help bring some light to this...

-I'm not laughing at you for not owning a 3DS. Truth be told - Up until about a week ago I haven't really used it much. Just collected dust on my shelf... It had a really bad launch, but it's improving now. Long awaited, but I had faith.

-I always thought Geno was caught in limbo because it was kind of a double edged sword to use him past SMRPG. Figured Nintendo and Square would fight over it and decided not to even bother continuing that little guys life.

-Square and Nintendo are making leaps and bounds since their original dispute (a fight involving FF7 moving from N64 to PS1 for space, wasn't it?) They also gave NDS their full support and released a slew of amazing titles and I expect the 3DS will be the same. Another TWEWY would be nothing short of incredible in my books... It's also nice to see that in the next installment of Kingdom Hearts that Neku is making a cameo - Meaning Square is branching out from just FF and Disney and are now including other Squeenix franchises... All they got to do now if get Pixar on board and blend them in too and we'll have even more of a masterpiece!

-FFXIII made me feel ways about stuff. Like when Sahz confronted Vanille and threatened her very life then attempted suicide when he realized he couldn't bring his child back and killing a 16 year old wouldn't make him feel any better... Lightning was possibly the best hero FF has come out with since FFVII... It may be that way because she was based on Cloud's designs after all... I find that almost every FF follows the same character archetypes and I love it! I found the game NEEDED a 20 hour tutorial, I play a lot of games and I picked it up quick, but then you have people like my mom and my grandpa who really needed that time to learn a new system that has gone away from your standard FF setup. I think from a design stand point it was wise... The only thing that I would of changed was wider corridors, I found the game to be a touch claustrophobic. In any case, FFXIII-2 is being entirely made using the complaints and suggestions of fans - It's looking promising. :D

-Type-0 is for PSP. Do you have one? I think it looks pretty nice... Won't know til I try it though.

-As for sparkles and death, crystal was a focal point in FFXIII. Complete your focus, turn to crystal. A Fal'cie was destroyed and turned an entire lake to crystal. Turn into a Cie'th and you were part man, part monster, part crystal... I think the glitter served an aesthetic purpose that made sense in the context of the game. In the end Final Fantasy has usually revolved around Crystals so it's nice to see a bit of the glitter. We all know what we sign up for when we start playing an FF and it's usually fairly far from manly.

-Find a way to play Kingdom Hearts, they're incredible in my eyes... If you want to know where to begin, I'd recommend starting on "Birth By Sleep" for PSP, it takes place before everything else.

-I beat Chrono Cross close to 40 times when I was a lot younger. You don't need to tell me how great it is... I can see why it would make it on a list like that though since it took every awesome thing about Trigger and mutated it into something entirely different. I'm always down for something like that though which is why I love FF, they always keep you on your toes whenever a new one comes out.

-I write a lot...
(Sorry Reiaze... We kind of entirely hijacked you post.)
BAM! Chris got back to me! Radical Dreamers WAS a game, but technically a text based adventure made for the SNES in 1996, one year after Trigger..: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radical_Dreamers
@Roxas-UrBoxas And... long winded ass reply.

- Forgot about Heroes of Mana. I might try to track that down and play it.

- Sword of Mana is technically "Secret of Mana 1". The game we know as "Secret of Mana" is a sequal to "Sword of Mana". Sword of Mana was originally released as Final Fantasy Adventure... or something. On the Super Nintendo. So, that is why I refer to Sword of Mana as a tech demo. As really, that is all that game should have been considered.

Like when they had all those bouncy balls bouncing onto mouse traps to show how powerful the Dolphin chip was. Or was it Revolution? Or am I thinking of the Katana? Eh, either way--that bouncy ball sim is a tech demo. Sword of Mana is best thought of as a Tech Demo for the SNES.

Keep in mind, Squeenix had not yet recovered from the issue that caused them to release the first Final Fantasy game that well when they made Sword of Mana.

- There have been a total of three Chrono Trigger fan games that have recieved Cease and Desists that I am aware of happening.

- Star Fox 3DS... the game that makes me want the 3DS badly. Oh and also when Operation Moonfall succeeds... you've met a very terrible fate, haven't you...

- Geno is one of Nintendo and Squeenix' most iconic characters. Everybody loves the little Gary Stu bastard. It was really that fight that kind of stopped him from showing up as anything other than an easter egg in future games. He showed up in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga in a game. I think he might have gotten a Cameo in one of the Paper Mario games.

Honestly, I'd love to see a spinoff series around Geno. If Squeenix and Nintendo could work together there... maybe make it some kind of Action/Arcade RPG hybrid. Like with Star Road, Ninja Gaiden, Megaman Zero and a few things all mixed together. It'd be pretty damned keen.

- FF7 moved to the PSX because Nintendo was going to force Squeenix to allow the player to revive Aeris as a side quest. There N64 is a various of arcade equipment at the time, and completely out perfromed the PSX on every level. The only issue is, the hardware that the N64 was based on, usually had 16MiB or 32MiB of RAM to work with, while the N64 had 4MiB and later 8MiB.

Companies were leaving Nintendo because the "further capacities" they could get on Sony involved stuff like have sex, violence and people staying dead in their games.

- I like Lightning as a character. She saved it.

- Yes, it followed various Final Fantasy archtypes. It was very hallow in how it was doing it. It went well into uncanny valley territory in its attempts to try to follow the stuff in Final Fantasy--but somehow missed at every attempt.

It hit quite a few marks--but it seemed liked a SNL impression of a Final Fantasy game, rather than a real Final Fantasy game.

What with the archtypes present.

And that black guy with the afro and the fried chicken in his hair. That made it especially like an SNL impression.

- My PSP was taken by the Police last Decembre (2010). I have not seen it since.

- We are mostly agreeing, but we are mostly disgreeing whether we like Squeenix because of it. You seem hopeful--I am not certain if it is quite enough to mend my broken heart.
Oh, right... TWEWY was another great one shot that Squeenix has not revisited since then.
I'm not sorry @Reiaze ... I am hoping stuff like this will get Squeenix to realise people love a few series other than that bloody ridiculous Final Fantasy series... well, it use to be good anyways.
Oh... and honestly, I do not like games that have long drawn out tutorials. I find it gets in the way of me playing the damned game.

I can usually figure this crap out on my own. Sometimes I even figure stuff out that surprises the game developers.

If you are going to do a tutorial as such: allow me to skip it, or turn it off.

Otherwise, piss the fuck off.
@KatrinaTheLamia I just finished the tutorial in Skyward Sword... An hour and a half of walking around talking to people... THAT was boring. I'd much rather have a tutorial that's 20 hours long where I can fight, level, equip, customize, and learn as oppose to walking back and forth from a stupid academy to a bathroom, a bathroom to a statue, a statue to a waterfall, a waterfall to a cat, a girl to a guy to an older guy then back to a damn statue.

Besides, when it comes to FFXIII I say let the new director have his fun. He's still trying to fully grasp being the new leader of a series that is already set in stone. It will improve, I'm positive, and he's already showing some potential because XIII-2 is being constructed around the problems the players had with XIII.

When it came to Sahz I found he was the most realistic character Final Fantasy has ever created. He gets tired, he can't do much, he's kind of brainless, he's empathetic and kind, even when he deserved revenge on Vanille his humanity came out and he stopped himself. Given his situation as well I'd of considered suicide which is something they touched down on... He's slow and his weapon doesn't require any skill to use. Yeah... He was a good character. Chocobo chick was cute as FAWK too s been so long... The third installment in that series was one helluva fine RPG.
Wow, how did just a chunk near the end entirely disappear?
@Roxas-UrBoxas ah... yeah the "you must talk to everybody in the village... and you'll be damned if you try to get away without talking to the bloody cat" crap.

I have an even better solution to this:


You can do the tutorial if you like. Sure half an hour to an hour is a good length for a tutorial. However, if you, say... already know about timed hits, just tell the damned useless toad that runs up to you, "I know timed hits"... and boom, no need to bother.

It is not like Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy XIII is Dwarf Fortress. Hell, even Sim City has an optional tutorial mode--and it is like Dwarf Fortress after a decent amount of councilling and therapy--and rehabbed from the ten years of jib Dwarf Fortress was on (comparatively).

Hell, if Final Fantasy or Skyward Sword were to be on par with Dwarf Fortress... then sure, yeah, put an optional tutorial mode.

As honestly, the biggest thing that makes a game LOSE replay value, is having to go through any length of "now Mario, you press A to hit the goomba with the hammer. You can only do this for N amount of Time. Next, we will allow you to use press B to try jumping on the goomba."

Hell, the tutorial mode at the beginning of the Megaman Battle Network games gets irritating at times. If anything, it is kind of saved by the fact Lan and Hub kind of point out some silliness. "Hey, Lan--where exactly did those chips go?"

"Eh--I dunno."

"... *Beat*... right... You should keep better tracks of those."


"Lan, do you remember timed hits?"


"... right--you have saved the world how many times? Lets begin".


Even then, having to do that at the beginning of every game is irritating.



If I have issues thinking, "hey, I can play this little title over and over again, and still love it." by noticing this stuff on the first play through (I review video games, I've learned to watch for it), it loses points with me VERY quickly.

Skyward Sword loses for forcing it on you for an hour and a half.

Final Fantasy XIII loses harshly for forcing it onto you for twenty hours.

Your game is NOT Dwarf Fortress... it is different, sure. It is not Dwarf Fortress, you do not require a player to learn the game to start. SO STOP SAYING IT DOES!
@Roxas-UrBoxas that was the other issue. Final Fantasy XIII had silly stupid names for all the charactrers.

I do not enjoy having to spend several hours to try to remember a name, that honestly sounds like the game director just wanted to cheat at boggle.

Okay... we have a Zed, D, I and an H. Hdiz! Totally a name here that everybody will get.

So I was constantly moving over to the manual to try to remember names. "Who the fuck was that guy again they are mentioning?"

Now that I've not had the game handy for a year, I only remember Lightning... because her name makes sense--and she saved the game.

Was Vanille the porn star thing? The one that looks like she got lost on a set to something japanese, with tentacles and stuff?
Also it being a new director... well, maybe he needs to understand, it is not a series set in stone?

That rail shooter addition was irritating.

However, Final Fantasy has jumped through several styles of game play.

It has had the Swords and Magic area.

It has had the Punk Punk scifi style of doing things (Final Fantasy VII).

It has had a Witch Hunter style of doing things (Final Fantasy VIII)

It has had a Blitzball minigame with a plot around the Blitzball minigame.

It has had two horrible ORPG (Online RPG... Massive is redundant, as is multiplayer) that people wouldn't play if they got paid to play.

It has had a disney parody.

It has had a fighting game style (Dissidia is not too bad).

Honestly--Final Fantasy is really not set in its ways to really worry about appealing to the market as trying to have enough content to be Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy is suppose to be a formatless genre with a new fantasy game for each number. Any similarities between games is accidental at best.
Hijack away. I'm still reading the replies XD
Ok! Caught up. The only thing I have to add is that sometimes I don't know of SquEnix loves us or is trolling us.
@KatrinaTheLamia Which names were hard to remember? Lightning (Claire), Serah, Snow, Vanille, Sahz, Hope, Fang, Nora, Cid Raines, Bartandelus (Primarch Dysley), Orphen, Ragnarok, Fal'Cie, l'Cie, Cie'th... There really weren't that many characters to learn... Think about Final Fantasy 6 for a few minutes... The roster alone was insane! Great game though.

Is it really a 20 hour tutorial in FFXIII? I mean everyone states that, but your still being fed information, progressing, leveling, customizing, exploring, appreciating backgrounds, listening to music, and watching the build-up and understanding the stress that your characters are going through... I don't think any FF prior to this one gave me half as many "spine tingles" as XIII.

The whole things with Snow and Nora that led to the freak out between Snow and Hope, Lightning realizing that being a cold bitch was sharpening a boy into a murderer, Vanille being responsible for the "death" of a child, Sahz pointing a gun at a teenager and realizing that killing won't bring back the dead, Cid Raines knowing that with all his power he could defy his fate and that was the only message he wanted to pass on to his enemies, Some pretty good messages about politics/religion/fear mongering, Fang and Vanille are family and family should stick together, Family isn't limited to people in your bloodline or town though: Even enemies can become friends eventually (Pulse and Cocoon dispute), We may be human but we can pull off some pretty damn incredible stuff, The revelation that everyone was watching the same celebration on the same night and that's what connected them (see FFVIII with the orphanage)...

Let's see... Spine chilling moments in previous FF's...
-FF1 was pretty straightforward.
-FF2 had something about a rose that didn't come up too often.
-FF3 was boring.
-FF4 had the whole family storyline involving Cecil, Golbez being his brother, Lunarians being his people, the Dark Knight to Paladin thing was neat too.
-FF5 was hard to relate to on any note... I did know a cross dresser a long time ago, I suppose it was nice to know FF could cross that boundary too without much backlash.
-FF6 The imagery of Celes being beaten the shit out of still comes to me in flashbacks, Locke and his wife with the Pheonix was a sad state of affairs, Sabin losing his family.
-FF7 Pretty much only the stuff to do with Sephiroth was any interesting. Cloud was a clown in FF7 which is why I could never figure out why they made him melodramatic in everything after FF7.
-FF8 All the kids were in the same orphanage, Edea was the care taker... I found that having a last boss that you don't see or hear that much of until you confront her at the end negates all build-up or character development... Ultimecia is stupid.
-FF9 Vivi comes to terms with what death means, Kuja was never after the princess but instead was after your lead male character, Freya finally finds her husband but a lifetime of love is forgotten in an instant, and although they also did the introduction of a last boss out of the blue like 8 however the reason why it was more enjoyable was you were fighting for your right to live after being unfairly destroyed: A simple concept that is plenty motivation to do something.
-FF10 A father insults his child for the last time, A journey of learning ends in death, Lovers don't always get what they want in the end.
-FF12 I kind of felt a little pain when Reks died - the game just started and I already like him. Aside from that I only found Gabranth to be a character worth noting or liking, kind of nice seeing 007 Balthier in an FF I suppose.

Yeah, FFXIII was excellent to me, it made me feel ways about stuff. Not much changing my opinion on that one. Seems only 9 comes close to how many times I felt drawn to the characters and their hardships... Special note for X though using the power of love and death, really made that ending special...
@KatrinaTheLamia How is XIII a rail shooter? Starfox is a rail shooter. It was linear, but what Final Fantasy isn't? None of them deviate in the way their stories are told, at all.

Calling Kingdom Hearts a "Disney Parody" is almost unforgivable in my books...

Dissida, although a GIANT fan-service (and nothing more), still gets a nod of respect for how deep or shallow the game can be.

I think the new director is trying to make FF have some stability now, he seems pretty set on following a storyline of l'Cie and Fal'Cie since Type-0, XIII, XIII-2, and Versus are all going to have those in common... Good to see that he's going to keep his ideals but now he's going to take in the advice of fans as well. He should command a lot of respect when he gets more comfortable doing what he does over time.
@Reiaze Square doesn't troll, I think they make wise choices not to mess with masterpieces (Chrono Series in particular).

Where exactly did tampering with FFVII gets us exactly? They gave the fans what they wanted and branched FFVII out and we got a decent movie, and a couple of crappy games that ruin the integrity and mystery of the original game: Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus...

How about that Before Crisis game? An FFVII title none of us will EVER see.
@Reiaze I had a theory once that every other game Square made that wasn't Final Fantasy was them testing to see if certain game mechanics work before they put them into a Final Fantasy game.

For example: Chrono Cross has a really neat combat system that is kind of like advanced turn taking. FFX comes out with a very polished informative turn taking system that puts Chrono Cross and it's "guess when the monsters may strike" system to shame.
@Roxas-UrBoxas VII is the reason I believe they're trolling. Every time they say they have an important announcement about Final Fantasy, the fanbase always jumps to the remake conclusion. Then they put on their trollface and give us something else. I know someone at SquEnix HQ gets a kick out of that every time XD
I think the fans should stop getting so worked up over VII in general. I'd probably troll them a bit as well if I had the power to do so... The only thing they ever did that I considered a troll was redesigning the opening of FFVII and releasing it as a "tech demo" at some convention. That was simply asking for trouble...

For the most part they usually don't keep hush about their plans for very long. Kotaku usually gets everything out of them relatively fast.
Yeah, the tech demo was totally trolling. I'll bet the execs laughed so hard over that one!
@Roxas-UrBoxas the Disney "Parody" thing was a humours jest, to display the point that you do not need to follow the formula with the series.

Next, I had no issues remembering the characters names in Final Fantasy VI. I just made sure to forget the ones that I never used for the most part. The forgettable ones, really got syphoned out of my mind. Final Fantasy VI out of its thirty characters had maybe six heroes that were not annoying... and a handful of villains worth remembering their names.

The rest I mentally just thought, "oh, swordy dude, who is tagging along". "that guy with the shades". Usually it is quick to figure out.

Final Fantasy XIII just had a bunch of characters that were really not noteworthy or interesting. My entire party kind of became "you with the face", except for Lightning. Sarah was the girl with cancer encased in Crystal. I kept forgetting the black guy's name... as well, I just called him "Habbo Hotel Dude". Remember the Negras who were banned and all.

The only thing I remember Habbo Hotel Dude saying was "Ah! Hell no!"

Or maybe that was Will Smith. Yeah--I shouldn't insult Will Smith by equating him to a racist characature like Habbo Hotel Dude was in Final Fantasy XIII. It probably was Will Smith, and not Habbo Hotel Dude.

There were other cases where I did not want to waste brain space by putting a name to that horrible horrible character design as well.

- @Reiaze Yeah... I think Squeenix is totally trolling. I do not think they are Boxxy at all.
Oh... right... now rememberable moments.

Final Fantasy V:
* The world slowly dying and there is nothing you can do about it. As each crystal breaks--you need to understand, the world is decaying. Being no more. Now mentally imagine being there. There is no wind. No more fire. The water is stagnent. The earth itself is no longer moving. Your entire world is just entrophying... and there is nothing you can do about it. No matter how much you fight to stop it.
* Next, the confusion about who is destroying it. At first, the people on the meteorites were blamed for the crystals being destroyed. Turns out it was XDeath who was doing it.
* Then you learn Bartz' father, is the one who set up the Crystals to be the essence of the world's energy. To work as a prison, that should XDeath ever escape, the world dies an entrophic death.
* You kill Galuf via stupid bravado over the course of the game.
* In trying to be a hero--you end up really screwing over a completely different planet. They had a plan... you screwed it up by showing up as the hero NiceJobBreakingIt .
* In action will do no good with XDeath either--as if you do not move, he completely will destroy everything anyways.

Throughout the whole game it is one no win situation after another. With Boss fights thrown in, and random encounters inbetween.

The plot is very damned scary. More so than Final Fantasy XIII is even capable of being.

Also, Final Fantasy V gave us motherfreaking Gilgamesh. It becomes the best damned game, thanks to that. I'll let you know!


Next, we have Final Fantasy VI.
* A clown kidnaps a goddess--and forces her to be his pleasure slave. First thing up front.
* That same clown, uses poison to stop a seige from working. Killing an entire kingdom.
* Kefka's goal is to just destroy everything. Including himself. That can be scary when the character has shown enough competance to make a Goddess his own damned pleasure slave.
* Magitek Armour kind of was a win point for me. At this point, most stuff had Magic and Technology as mutually exclusive. Magic made Technology not work--and vice versa. Here a game have put as part of its background story a combination of the two. It was not ancient technology either. It was some clown thought it would be funny to do.

Also Final Fantasy VI gave us Ultros. How can you not dig his stuff?
@Roxas-UrBoxas @Reiaze also, when I look at Final Fantasy games... well any Squeenix game... I do what I can to put them as a "period piece".

I honestly look at them, like I'd handle literature.

Nobody complains about the stuff Mark Twain put into his works--or if they do, people tell them Huckleberry Finn is a period piece.

At the time of Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II--there was not much for Role Playing Games on the consoles. It was Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

Hell, Hyrulian Fantasy was a common style of game. The NES just did it with Sprites instead of ASCII characters. Legend of Zelda was the first sprite based angbang game--and that is it, really.

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest were breaking new ground. Doing a top down game, that took into play Pen and Paper systems. So with I and II--yeah... they are what they are. As was III. Honestly--they do still end up being on the higher end stuff on the NES anyways.

JRPGs take a lot of effort to develop. There is a lot of content that needs to be done. Square at the time, had no money. That is kind of why I defend Sword of Mana--because when they made it, they did not have the resources to risk putting onto that property. So it got released early. Yeah... it got remade for the GBA... and that was irritating. Lots of silly remakes showed up on the GBA, so I cannot fault only Squeenix for that one.

Final Fantasy IV came out--it was pretty keen... at the time. We had not quite gotten to the point where a game like that could be tiled to look graphically nice, on the graphic theory side of things. The story, was not over played. There was nothing really doing that story at the time. So at the time it was okay.

Final Fantasy V never really came out in NA at first. It was the first Square game to try a class system switching mechanism. Dragon Quest had already beat them to the punch on that one--and Final Fantasy was going to try to pull it off.

It didn't go without a hitch, unfortunately.

Final Fantasy VI is graphically beautiful. Even without the Mode 6 stuff. It is something that for tile based layouts, PEOPLE NEED TO FREAKING LOOK AT!

Then Final Fantasy VII came out. I was alarmed at the new move to Science Fiction. It was edgy and moved. Then the remakes and additions bogged it down. Removing any hope Cloud had, to have character development. Yes, he'd get his ups--but anytime they needed him next, he was listening to Dashboard Confessionals and talking about suicide on his LiveJournal blog again.

Final Fantasy VIII is still noteworthy. We do not have any witch hunter series of games. The whole Witch Hunter style of plot does appear in a lot of Anime/Manga. It is rare in video games. I will state that Final Fantasy VIII gets that, even as a period piece today.

Final Fantasy IX--okay it is alright. Square was trying to recapture what it was that "Final Fantasy" meant as a brand name. Note, this is possible where they should have stopped calling them "Final Fantasies"... and started doing how movies advertise stuff. "From the person who brought you Pirates of the Carribean." "From the person who brought you Sweeny Todd". "From the writers of My Immortal fanfiction". "Another Quinton Terrintino masterpiece." "The same flavour of Pride and Prejudice but now, with a spin of the Chuck Palahnuik cult classic..."

Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIV fail as period pieces. Squeenix should be moving forward.
@KatrinaTheLamia I like all Final Fantasy games... I really don't remember V being that noteworthy... Something about a tree...? There was airship after airship... Bartz (Formerly Butz) was an idiot...

In any case, I do remember the music from FFV being top notch. Home Sweet Home for example which has been played by so many orchestras and has had so many remixes and adaptations with lyrics. Let us also not forget Battle on the Bridge as a song... However Gilgamesh was too much of a screw ball for me to enjoy. He's also a giant screw ball in FFXII... Why can't they make him cool? I'm hoping Type-0 gives Gilgamesh his cool factor as I've been trying hard to like him. Frankly, I'd take Yojimbo over Gilgamesh as far as my skewed opinion on him goes.

FFVI had plenty of memorable moments I suppose... Also Terra isn't a goddess, she's a combination of human and esper last I checked. More human that god in my book... More stereotypical of owning a vagina and being helpless seeming as a grubby old thief has to be her constant savior. Women in gaming - Up until KOS-MOS I always thought females in games were pretty pointless which is gaming's fault for making them always the object of being rescued.

Side note: Most memorable moment I forget about FFVI... They weren't afraid to completely destroy the planet you were on for the script. When was the last time an RPG did that? Symphonia came close but didn't follow through.

Xenosaga made a woman all powerful (albeit a robo-chick), Konami followed suit with Shanoa, and Final Fantasy XIII has officially shown that a chick can be more badass than any man all throughout the game (Yuna from X-2, and Terra just didn't cut it! Matter o' fact, only powerful female I saw in a Squeenix game before Lightning was Aqua... But wasn't that after? I can't remember now...).

Win-win for woman kind in any case! And I happen to LOVE seeing a powerful female be powerful. Shanoa is one of the best women to grace the gaming world in my books... I put Catherine on a pretty high pedestal as well, that creepy sexual deviant/succubus soul sucking bitch...

And what the hell is with people and their fascination with Ultros!? How the hell does he have an entire fan club with such high numbers!? He's a stupid prick that makes your life hell and he's a dumb octopus not bound by the sea! He constantly talks about how he feels like he's in soup and his friend Typhon was more threatening than he EVER was. *SNORT*
I still can't figure out for the life of me how Cloud went from a pretty average guy who tried to cheer others up so a self loathing prick who complains and whines and contemplates suicide all the time... Have you played FFVII recently? His character was NOTHING like what the started doing with him in later installments.
@Roxas-UrBoxas honestly... I am not going to argue with that Cloud stuff. I agree.
@KatrinaTheLamia FF3 had job switching before FF5... Just something note-worthy...
I'm typo-ing a lot... Apologies...
Oh... and yes. I will respond: LIGHTNING WAS A GOOD PART OF FINAL FANTASY XIII. My main irritation is the lack of other good stuff in that game.

Oh, and another strong female character in video games, "Elaine Marley" from the Monkey Island series.

She is mostly just detained because she is the one who WILL ruin LeChucks evil plans to kill her, raise her as an undead, then marry her. Based on the notion that the undead pirate dating pool is rather small, and so LeChuck will seem pretty nice to date at that point. They take her, as she is the compitent character. "Well, if Elaine is around... there will be no puzzles for Guybrush..."

Honestly, if you do not understand the only reason Elaine is taken out is due to competance... you've never played the Monkey Island series... or think it is a good idea to carry around five living monkeys in your pants.
@KatrinaTheLamia Actually... I did miss the Monkey Island series... Was that Schaffer? Or some other funny man director? I've heard so many great things about Monkey Island... I know I've played other games that tie into those same developers though, was it DeathSpank? Hothead games?
I'm typoing too...

As per Ultros and Gilgamesh. They are part of the ultimate powerful character cabal that mostly have them joking around, so there really is a game. Also in the cabal is Black Popo (eyes in the Darkness), Joey's Rattata, Bakura, Marik and a few others.

It is mostly, if a character makes bold claims in a video game--and is very annoying... they get DarkhorseEnsemble status. Or if the character just seems over powered for a neutral character. Like with Black Popo (look at the stuff he pulls in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT... Team Four Star's take makes sense).

Also, I think it might be the fact Gilgamesh has an awesome theme song.
@KatrinaTheLamia Enlighten me on Ultros... I simply saw him as a nuisance simply asking me to bust his damn teeth in and nothing more. Even in Final Fantasy IV: TaY I found him to be a ridiculous nuisance and only something to bash in and be done with.
@KatrinaTheLamia Spoke too soon, you already were working on it.
@Roxas-UrBoxas I think Monkey Island was Ron Gilbert.

Tell Tale Games is kind of the official take over, of Lucasarts games--back when they were better.

I want to see a Tell Tale Games Full Throttle game. Maybe a Tell Tale Games Maniac Mansion or Zak McKraken.
@KatrinaTheLamia So silly egotistical characters that claim grandeur but are complete and total liars are what popularity is made of eh?
We are on the same page with the facts on the stiuation. We just take it different ways.

You are thinking it will make for a bright future from Squeenix...

I think they can do much better.
@KatrinaTheLamia No wonder you like Deadpool...
@Roxas-UrBoxas with an awesome theme song. They need their own theme music.
@KatrinaTheLamia I believe we need to give the company time to get settled with losing Hironobu Sakaguchi. If you trail when Square started becoming questionable it was around the loss of the original founder.
@KatrinaTheLamia Ultros had no theme!
@Roxas-UrBoxas Yes he did! The Boss Music itself was his theme song! He is just kind enough to let others use it.

Just like the trainer battle music is really Youngster Joey's theme song. However because he is so cool (he wears shorts and all), he is cool to let other trainers use it.

(Corn ball characters allow claims like this to be made)
Fair enough. However, you can lose your original founder and still power forward.

You just have to ask what your company does... and not immediately jump into squeezing every dollar out of stone. Ask, what is our product... and work from that end.
I think this is amazing by the way... On the topic of Gilgamesh and his theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zMsO0n3Ir8
@KatrinaTheLamia I love the youngster Joey meme. :D
@KatrinaTheLamia So calling a character like Ultros cool and believing it is what drives characters like that to popularity...

What about Dalton from Chrono Trigger? Is he a part of the cool crowd? *recalls times he asked for theme music and Crono's theme came up*

Or would Ozzy be more suitable for popularity instead of Dalton using those same rules?
Dalton became a major part of how Chrono Cross came to be. He lost his ability to be an Ensemble Darkhorse at that point.

Besides, Chrono Trigger gave us Flea. Her speech also has another side to its power,

"Boy? Girl? Does not matter. All that matters is power--and Beauty is power. I am beautiful--and that is all that matters."

Also, Chrono Trigger has stuff like the infinite sea of cats, Schala, Janus/Magus, Tobias the Treasure Hunter, Frogx??? yaoi (who was that guy?), Time Travel, that whole Black Omen thing, the Sewer Boss, Johnny, Rick Roll Robo Theme... and well, in that whole enslaught of awesome... I feel a song coming on.

"Hi, my name is Gato, I got metal joints, beat me up, win fifteen silver points!"

Honestly... once you see what Gato has brought to the table, it is OVER.
I just got the little melody stuck in my head from that line Gato sings...
The other item is the character needs to constantly remind you who they are. They need to go out of their way, to let you know, they exist.

Youngster Joey constantly phones you, telling you about how awesome his Rattata is. I feel proud that he is letting me know--it is a damned awesome Rattata.

Gilgamesh stole the real sword... only made you think it was a fake.

Ultros is not bound to the sea--and will remind you of this *Snort*. As being in soup, he has no need to be in the sea. And oh man, when you meet Typhon, you do not even know how screwed you are. He's personal friends with the guy *snort* and you small fries are not worth him calling Typhon.


We all know somebody like this in real life... who makes these claims. This Ensemble works... as the person actually DOES hit these claims in how the legend is told.

Well, I tend to meet more people like this. As completely lying your ass off, is a good way to get into my pants. Or so I am told--I have never seen this actually work... but what do I know about getting into my own damned pants? Keeping telling me "impressive" stuff, like "I shop at the GAP", "I know Ozzy Osbourne personally", "I'm the guy who Mic Rodney has clean his storm drains", "Randy Rhodes girl was totally giving me a lap dance.", "I was Keith Richards body guards", "I am a martial arts master", "I own over fifty cars", "I have several hundreds of houses in real estate, I just happen to have", "I own all sorts of bank stock", "I am the CEO of a Fortune Five Hundred company", "I'm wearing Boy George's pants right now"--honestly, I would be giving more... but my eyes tend to glaze over.

Most of this stuff is nothing I can really disprove. It is rude to say they are lying. Also, I have found that even though they get even more unbelievable with it, the more bored I look with it. Just turning it into one long blur makes it so I can get a little nap in. Need to remember to keep my eyes open.

Wait... suddenly I see the genius in telling me these horrible lies to try to sound "impressive"... if I pass out during the stories... well, sex is sex right?
My name is Gato/I have metal joints/Beat me up/And earn fifteen silver points!
@KatrinaTheLamia I train retarded dolphins during the day and work for the CIA at night.
@Roxas-UrBoxas train them to pick up women better, okay? I mean, if only for me.

Some of the stuff I have heard.
@WILDMAMMOTH best fifteen silver points I will earn.

Any parts of your anus you'd prefer in tact? Or are you more of a "not having shattered testicles" person?
@KatrinaTheLamia Since I am a robot in this scenario, I assumed that I had no testicles for you to shatter...
@KatrinaTheLamia Hahaha! I just wanted to be ridiculous. :D
@WILDMAMMOTH what kind of maniac would build a robot and not include shatterable testicles?
"Why!? Why did they program me to feel pain!?"
@KatrinaTheLamia Lucca, apparently.
@WILDMAMMOTH well, she is a raving carpet munching dyke. So I GUESS it makes sense.

I guess repeatatively shattering robot testicles just never felt as satisfying as shattering meat and fleshy things testicles. Like it was just a poor substitute for shattering fleshy things testicles?
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