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Reiaze's gameplay for Darksiders (PS3)

Reiaze played Darksiders

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Met Ulthane today. Killed a bunch of pigeons...er, I mean Angels. My score would have been astronomical if the game kept it after each time you died :/

Quite a few tries later I finally made it through. Squashed Uriel and went after Griever. The drowned subway station motif was neat. The more levels I play, the more I can see how this can be compared to Zelda. Griever is the easiest boss so far. A total wuss compared to Tiamat.

Darksiders: Trophies Earned
One Tough Cookie Who's Counting? Tremor Bringer Rocked Your Face Off An Old Friend

Darksiders (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 05/JAN/10
Emblem for Genome

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