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Reiaze's gameplay for Darksiders (PS3)

Reiaze played Darksiders

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I had the day off, the house to myself, and nothing important to do, so I sat down to a play marathon of Darksiders. I had already taken out two of the Chosen and figured I could finish the game this time around. Sadly, it wasn't in the cards.

I started off in the Ashlands. I secretly think it might be Texas considering the size of the worms here. Thanks to the new ability Samael gave me, I was able to avoid being eaten by them at least. It was the same old song and dance (smite-climb-puzzle-repeat). I was reunited with Ruin, who is awesome.

Translation: I ♥ mah horsee :)>

While fighting (and winning) against the Stygian the first time, I ran into a bug of some sort. I've dubbed it the Ouroboros, because that's exactly what he did. He latched onto his own tail and kept going in a circle, effectively trapping me inside. After a few minutes of this and no attack I figured it had to be a bug. This was confirmed when the framerate suddenly went to hell and I lost the ability to fight. A reset later, we were back in business. An epic battle later, and the Stygian was dead.

I delivered its heart to Samael. I gotta ask though, did he eat the first two as well? I don't remember that loveliness x_x

Well anyway, my next stop was the Iron Canopy. Of course I get ambushed on the way there (and the horse abandons me). This, so far, is my favorite level. I'm not sure exactly why. Perhaps because this is where I get the Abyssal Chain. I likes me some hookshot-esque action. It came close to being my least-favorite because of those [censored] spiders. Then I found out, even though it doesn't prompt you (>_<#), that the Circle button is an instant kill for them.

Note to Self: Wash Boots after Iron Canopy.

I finally made it to Silitha, proof that the game designers (in some dark corner of their hearts) hate the player. How can I make that accusation, you might ask?


I finally managed to shish kebabed her, but by that time I was reaaally praying War would just pull out a big can of bug spray and carpet-bomb the attic she was in. Then set fire to it. Then blow it up. Then rebuild it and blow it up again. Then pee on the ashes.

*cough* Anyway - I took the heart back to Samael. He opened what I thought would be the final level, the Black Tower. If you're afraid of heights and playing this game, you might want to stop here. Overall the tower was a neat place, however overflowing (as was to be expected) with enemies. It felt like every room I entered, the mystical door-blocking barrier came out and the army of the Destroyer lined up to recreate a prison shower scene with War. I had to rely on Chaos form more than a few times. After driving them back, I was able to get the Portal Gun...er, I mean the Voidwalker (c'mon...the portals are orange and blue!).

One area down, only two to go... -_-;;

I'll spare you the boring run-down. I completed the next two areas and went off to take care of Straga. Who, incidentally, needs a few grammar lessons and a lifetime supply of fireproof Tic-Tacs. Thanks to the acquisition of the Voidwalker, the obvious tiles on the floor/Straga's club (WTF?), and the enemy introduction showing the brightly colored weak point on his back, he went down without much struggle. So that's it right? Time to face the Destroyer! It's teeth-kicking time! Nope, time to visit the Garden of Eden...? Ok, sure. We could do that instead.

Upon arrival, I'm told essentially I have to fight myself. Oh, and that Azreal totally stole this place - Tree of Knowledge included. But that's beside the point. Like I was saying, fighting myself. The traditional Shadow-you battle, if you will. Of course, keeping up with said traditions, the other me is a total B-A that has mastered all the moves in my repertoire. My tactic? Just mirror him. He uses a move, I use a move. He turns Chaos, I turn Chaos. The difference? I have healing items.

So I trounce him and head for the tree. It shows me some stuff and I wake up with a Sword!...hilt. Yay...a collection quest. I managed to track down 3 of the pieces quickly, but by this time 10-12 hours have passed and my eyelids are failing me.

So, I didn't complete the game this time, but I did make a pretty big-sized dent. I guess that's something.

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Darksiders (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 05/JAN/10
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