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Reiaze's gameplay for Darksiders (PS3)

Reiaze played Darksiders

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Leveling up my weapons today. I was getting decent enough experience from the Choking Grounds, but it was slow-going because I had to re-enter every time to make the enemies reappear. I knew there had to be a better place, so I JFGI. More than one source suggested the Iron Canopy spiders for their high respawn rates. It just made sense (I'd forgotten about them), so off I went.

With War's Glory attached and increasing EXP earned, it didn't take long to max out everything on the path I chose. I noticed that the Tremor Gauntlet has a hidden move, which makes me wonder about Chaos Eater and the Scythe. When using the gauntlet, if you time the release of Triangle just right (either right before/after the blue spark - not sure, never perfected it) it will cause more damage. It was more than enough to one-shot the usual two-shot spiders. It also effects a wider radius. You'll know you got it right if the action slows down while it's working it's magic.

I was surprised to get the Battle Hardened trophy as soon as I bought the remaining moves for the gauntlet. I figured the game would make me max out the Wrath moves as well. It was a pleasant surprise because I'd had it with grinding.

I decided to go after the Destroyer next (and remember to use Ruin this time ¬_¬). Maybe I've just gotten used to it all, but he seemed easier than Tiamat to me, in both of his forms. The only times he hit me was when I wasn't paying attention (landed on me) and when I mis-timed a dash (threw a boulder at me). Before I knew it, he was dead and I was watching the ending.

After the ending, I decided to start a new game get the trophies I missed, Open Air Parking and Aerial Predator. Open Air was easy to get and I also used that time to grab environment kills. Before going on to get the other, I loaded a save from my other game to grab a couple I missed with Ruin. I only got one of them though because it was getting late in the day, it was time for me to head to bed, and I didn't want to sit there watching Ruin go in circles for 2 hours.

Darksiders: Trophies Earned
Devastator Battle Hardened The Final Challenger? The True Horseman Balance Restored You Call This Easy? Open Air Parking Improvised Kills Horseman

Darksiders (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 05/JAN/10
Emblem for Genome

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