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Reiaze's gameplay for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS)

Reiaze played Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

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Spoilers @ the bottom.

I finally finished 358/2 Days. I more-or-less dragged my feet through this installment of Kingdom Hearts. The main thing that turned me off about the game were the controls. Don't get me wrong...for the hardware, SquareEnix did an amazing job. I can't help but think this title would have been better on, say, a console instead of a handheld (or maybe utilize the touchscreen more?).

Considering the whole though, I enjoyed the experience. It was cool to see what was going on during the events of (Re:)Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. The story was good and kept the player guessing about Xion until the end. Of course, if you've played Kingdom Hearts II you know it's all going to end in "tragedy". It's neat to see how the events leading up to it unfold though. It was a nice peek behind the scenes of the known Kingdom Hearts universe.

So I marked this with the "Completed" milestone, but that's a lie. I usually only do that once I've finished a game with 100%, but I don't see that happening with this title. I only have about 20% of the Challenge Sigils and none of the Crowns. The challenges make me want to throw my DS and nobody around me has this game so I can get the Crowns....so put a fork in me, I'm done.

Side Note (aka THE SPOILER):
Kingdom Hearts never fails to rip out my freaking heartstrings though. Sora leaving Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts II and Shion's death scene in this one get me every time :<
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 29/SEP/09
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