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Reiaze's gameplay for Kingdom Hearts: Re-Coded (DS)

Reiaze played Kingdom Hearts: Re-Coded

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Reiaze said...
No description entered yet...
Kingdom Hearts: Re-Coded

Kingdom Hearts: Re-Coded (DS)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Adventure
Release Date: 07/OCT/10
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How are you finding it? I really liked the leveling up computer board thingy that let you glitch your character.
I wasn't a fan at first, but am enjoying it now. Is it just me, or is it a little more difficult than other KH titles? I'm dying an awful lot. Maybe I'm just out of practice...
Are you a perfectionist from the get-go? Because that would make it hard... Levels don't come as much as I would have liked in that game either, but you can use the chip board to your advantage quite a bit.

Just keep at it, eventually when you start unlocking the cheats on the chip board you'll make the game a lot easier for yourself and tougher later when you want the trophies and the secret ending.
Normally I am. In this case, I'm trying to finish quickly so I can get on to Dream Drop Distance...so I'm probably underleveled ^_^;
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