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Reiaze's gameplay for Mass Effect 2 (X360)

Reiaze played Mass Effect 2

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Reiaze said...
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Insanity Run

I recruited Samara and completed Miranda's loyalty mission. Things are finally getting easier to kill. I imagine that will change soon enough.
Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 26/JAN/10
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I wanted to replay ME:2 for the sole purpose of starting ME:3 again, so I just ran with the normal difficulty. That was a mistake, I think, since I often forget that I'm even carrying a heavy weapon - powers and pistol kill everything at this difficulty :P
I need to run through ME2 on Insanity yet and clean up my trailing trophies. Still working on finishing the ME3 story yet, before I backtrack.
Miranda + Grunt, specced right you have Grunt who eats damage and Miranda for +damage and the utility to deal with all protection.

Makes Insanity far to easy :D
Hmm, good advice, thanks. I have to admit that I fall short when picking complimentary squadmates for Shepard, I'm sure if I would just spend a little more time finding the right mix it'd make an easier time of it.
*shrug* those two are just the easiest ones to take as they cover damage and tanking

I personally ran Legion and Garus as a soldier, turns out that Two Widows + Armour Pen Ammo is overkill :P

Its really basing it around your playstyle and any bonus abilities you might have.

For instance a soldier may take Reave for the heal, or Geth Shield Boost / Barrier for the extra buff to shields (Don't take Fortification, it doesn't benefit from Tech/Barrier research)
Oh, whoops. Those two statements were just progress. I usually ran with Miranda/Mordin. Neither liked taking cover...or listening to my orders to do so.
From memory Mordin wasn't that great in combat since had Cyro Blast which only got really useful in ME3.

Either way, least you aren't an unkillable vanguard :P
I maxed out his Incinerate on ME2. Hardly used Cryo Blast.

"Flammable!...or Inflammable...? Forget which, doesn't matter!" XD
Yep, what @Reiaze said. Max out Incinerate (area effect for me), then use it to bring the pain to a group of non-shielded baddies. Good stuff.

And maxing out Reave & Tech Armor as a sentinel is awesome. It's almost impossible to die :)
Yeah Sentinels are OP :P

Also on insanity, hardly anything is unshielded :P
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