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Reiaze's gameplay for Mass Effect 3 (X360)

Reiaze earned achievements in Mass Effect 3

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Reiaze said...
  • frustrated
Ok, so trying to describe what I attempted to do requires more text than I feel like writing, so enjoy this brief step-by-step list!

* Started ME3.
* Imported ME2 save.
* Saw "Romanced Miranda"
* Frowned.

Just for the record, Sheps did tap that, but only for the achievement. I loaded a previous save to avoid that being put on my record and an (assumed) unfaithful accusation from Liara. Anyway -

* Loaded ME2.
* Deleted saves (except the one without Miranda lubbins).
* Loaded ME3 again.
* Imported ME2 save again.
* Character not found.
* Frowned again.
* Loaded ME2 again, regenerated autosave file.

FYI, ME3 pulls data from the autosave file. I figured it would work with any save. I was wrong. Continuing -

* Loaded ME3.
* Saw "Romanced Miranda" was still there.
* Gave up.
* Sighed heavily.
* Started the game.
* Prepared for Liara's wrath.

So far, she's taken it well.
Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 (X360)

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Release Date: 06/MAR/12
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Liara didn't like it when I tapped Thane in the hospital, but she got over it and came onboard anyway :P
That autosave tip is great - I wonder if that's why I only had one shep available to import in ME2 as well? I'll have to check on that.

And that sucks that they count flirting as "Romanced", I did the same thing on my current renegade playthrough :P
I'll probably end up playing through 2 and 3 again when I can afford the DLC anyway. I can craft the perfect game then XD
Lair of the Shadow Broker is one piece of must-have DLC for ME2, it feels like it should have been a part of the game from the beginning (which is great). Kasumi wasn't bad, but nothing really remarkable. I haven't played Arrival.
That's good to know. That's the one I bought yesterday. That "Romanced Miranda" thing was still bugging me, so I'm flying back through ME2 again before I play the Shadow Broker DLC. I've only got one more crew member to recruit before it's time to hit the Collector Ship, so I'm roughly 2/3s though I guess?

I'll wait for the rest of the DLC to go on sale :p
Well if you romanced Liara ME1 and got LoTSB for ME2 and continued the romance, you'll need to use a save editor (yes it works for 360 and PC, not sure about the PS3) for the game to recognise it.

Annoying thing is though that they wrote Liara to be a good friend so some scenes are wonky if you were romancing her throughout the series.

All the DLC gives war assets and camoes so it all works out anyway :P
For it to recognize it in 2, LoTSB, or 3?
@Reiaze For LOTSB to be recognised in 3
Hmmm... that's lame. You'd think that sort of thing would be easy to patch, if a simple save edit fixes it?
Not a high priority fix I would assume. Its why the Conrad Verner bug is still in ME2 as well.

It still recognises the romance from ME1 but you don't get Liara discussing LotSB romance. So its not a huge thing really.
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