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Reiaze's gameplay for Pokemon: White Version

Reiaze played Pokemon: White Version

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Reiaze said...
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Level grinding to 48 on Route 6. I've got one pokemon left in my team to hit it, then I'll go back to Driftveil and crush Clay.
Pokemon: White Version

Pokemon: White Version

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I was rather suprised at pokemon black and white... I picked up black by the way but I don't play it anymore.

Did you notice that they brought back the toughness of the older titles or was it just me?

I also think it was VERY refreshing to have constant camera movement and sprite movement this time around... Made it feel real sparkly and new. :D
The only reason I settled on White was for Zekrom. Out of the two game-specific legendaries, he was the better looking one in my opinion.

I did notice it being a little more challenging than the previous titles..that or I've got a terrible team! I just know I've hit the Pokemon Center more often than I usually do. I do wonder what was up with their bridge obsession. The new animations are great, but it makes me want a console version even more.
You could always get Poke-park for Wii... It actually was kinda entertaining... I played it for free from a friend so try to do the same thing. Hahahaa!

It's funny Isis and myself had the same problem. I wanted Zekrom, and she wanted Reshiram however I wanted my version to be black and she wanted hers to be white. So we both bought the opposite versions of the pokemon we wanted so we could have the novelty of the title and simply traded the deity pokemon to each other when we got them.

We outsmarted pokemon!

P.S. White is better. You can catch more pokemon and there is much more to explore. White forest is FAR superior to Black city. I didn't know this until post-game... But at that point I didn't really mind.
Eh, all of my game friends are a) too far away and b) don't own Wiis so that method's out. I'll have to just break down and buy it if I want to try it. That was a good idea with Zekrom and Reshiram. I wish I had thought of it. I don't have many friends that play, but I could've used Gamefly to do it. I did end up using it to get the Black-specific pokemon. When I got it in the mail, the previous player's last save was at the Black city. I don't see what's so great about it honestly. Everything was overpriced and there was hardly anyone there.
There is NOTHING great about Black City. At least in White Forest you have the chance to catch a slew of more additional pokemon from older versions, some rare pokemon, and some other stuff too!

I was totally jelly when Issy showed me the forest and all I got was a craptastic city.

Shame about the distance of friends and the pokepark thing... I really wouldn't pour money into it... But it was real good for passing the time brainlessly while seeing all your classic little friends.

I'm wondering how that Pokemon 3D rumble blast is - It looks bad, but it kinda looks RPG-ish too which may get me on board.
Glad to hear that the White Forest will net me some old faves. Some of these new ones leave me wondering if they're running out of ideas...


Pokemon is one of the games I use to kill time with while I'm away from my consoles. You definitely won't see me spending tons of gas money going to conventions or shops to get exclusives. If I can't get it though at Wi-Fi from home, it won't be in my trainer's PC.

As for Rumble Blast, it looks neat but I haven't kept tabs on it because I don't have a 3DS yet. The review I saw had it scored at a 6.5 out of 10, which isn't terrible, but I tend to trust player opinions over them.
There are a few reviewers I take into consideration as well as the 'fan' or 'player' vote.

I agree... Trubbish and Garbodor are terribly designed. It's like they purposely designed a pokemon nobody ever wants to use or think about... Isis and I discussed those two, we enjoy just about all of the new 150, but those two are on the shit-list.

The developers must of known nobody would like a pokemon that was inspired by a garbage bag and a garbage dump, so why follow through?
Every time I see either of them, this comic strip comes to mind because I'm willing to bet there's a lot of truth in it.
I read that on dorkly.com awhile back and fully agree.
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