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Forgive meeee

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Reiaze said...
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To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to take a moment to apologize beforehand to anyone that is unlucky enough to land on my team during the next couple of weeks. You see, I'm a n00b. I will make mistakes. My KDR will be horrible. I may team kill at least once, probably during a make-or-break part of the round. I will crash jets. Lots of them. I will be blown away by tanks, and in the instances I'm driving them, will get them blown up. I will be run over by vehicles and if there's a cliff in a 50 mile radius, probably drive over it at least once with you in tow. If the match is close and it's down to me for victory, throw hope away...it's already gone. So, again - I apologize. I will be a thorn in your side. You'll call me every name you can think of. You. Will. Hate. Me. But remember; I will learn.

"THAT G@#$%^ M@#$%^ F@#$%^' N00B JUST SHOT ME!!!!111!one!!"
aka Reiaze
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As long as you listen to your teammates and learn from your mistakes, I'm good. It's the ones who make the same mistake over and over and over that bother me.

Yeah, I try not to make repeats. I think one of the main things I'll have trouble with is staying with the team instead of keeping a slower pace and slinking back to my lone wolf ways.
Well, at least you're not the guy racing to get the the elevator first, using a front elevator, then complaining about being dead before anyone else makes it upstairs. Some people do that EVERY SINGLE FLOOR.
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