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This should be a thing

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This is a reminder to myself and/or possibly inspiration to anyone out there that currently make RPGs. When you reach the level cap, your character should unlock an innate ability called Intimidation. This skill will make any normal enemy run away instead of attacking you on sight. Of course, it wouldn't work on bosses. The goal would be to eliminate all of those unavoidable, BS, time-consuming, "ohmaigawd! it's the hero, get him!" battles. You could, of course, run after the monster if you really want to battle them. Honestly, I consider it a waste of time if the character can just breathe heavily on the monster to kill it. Just sayin'.
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Tales of Graces has the enemies run in fear if you're a certain amount of levels higher than them.
Ah, so someone's already thought of it. It needs to be implemented in more games. Especially those with a New Game + mode.
I know other games have done it... I also know there's another RPG out there that kind of was on the right track when you got into a fight you could intimidate them and they'd all run... However it still wastes your time putting you into a battle screen.
In City Heroes, you can get that ability before you even have a travel power.
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