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Get Down!

by Reiaze on 28/JAN/10 | Back to Reiaze's Media

“Rosie took a moment out of their busy schedule of killing anyone near the Little Sister to show me some sweet break-dancing moves. You go bo..gi...er...vile disgusting creature.

Sadly, this is (the good) one of the two remaining pictures. My apologies for the amount of blur. The crisp, clear picture was...mangled beyond my ability to fix ~_~;”

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BioShock (PS3)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 21/OCT/08
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Is that......a Big Daddy?
Yup! Rosie to be exact. Taken in Arcadia near the Gatherer's Garden.
Nice, I never used Telekinesis, or any of the Eve things for that matter, unless I had too. Haha looks like you're having fun there.
I hope the controls on the PS3 are better than the 360s. Did you do that for the kill btw?
@bettadud I was just trying to get a shot for the Research Camera, but it usually won't take if they're face-down. So I tried flipping it over only to end up with this. The trouble was well worth it though :D
@timyadeadhomie L1 & 2 control plasmids, R1 & 2 guns, dual sticks to move/look, L3 crouch (that one's awkward), R3 to zoom, triangle to jump, square to reload, circle to heal, X to interact. I sometimes confuse my Plasmid buttons, but other than that it's relatively comfy. As for the kill, I just used a cluster of Proximity Mines. It only took 3 since I'm playing Easy mode to get the remainders of my trophies. The Telekinesis was just to get a shot for my in-game camera.
@Reiaze That sounds just like the 360 controls, which I do not care for. Is it crouch toggle or do you have to hold it down?
@timyadeadhomie It's toggle. A bit frustrating, but considering the button they used for it, I'm glad. I hate the analog stick buttons. What's your preferred control scheme?
Mouse & keyboard. I have Bioshock for PC but I played it on the 360 at a friends (sometimes it sucks being the local 'gamer god') I also have a 360 controller for my PC.
Ah, the good 'ol mouse & keyboard combo. Always a great choice for shooters. It's been a while since I've owned a computer that could handle any games though. Game lover at heart, console gamer by the lack of fundage. Though now that I think about it, most PC games run cheaper so it probably just about evens out.
@Reiaze Bioshock for the PC was around 10 or 20 bucks cheaper here when it came out
@timyadeadhomie Yeah..I'm no mathematician, but had I gone the PC route, the cheaper games would've let me stay the course. It's true that hindsight's 20/20 I suppose. I could take better screenies on a PC too --;
@Reiaze I wanna play Bioshock again but ever since I ugraded to Windows 7 I've had audio issues. So I'm jealous.
@timyadeadhomie Maybe 2 will work and you can get your fix from it. It looks like it'll be even more intense.
@Reiaze Except I only got 3/4 of the way through the first...
@timyadeadhomie Ah. Yeah, that might throw a monkey wrench in the plan. Maybe they'll release some updated drivers to fix the audio problem soon. If you have a spare HD and an older version of Windows, perhaps you could install to the spare and swap out to play. I know just enough about computers to be dangerous, so I may be giving bad advice there :)
@Reiaze If I had another HDD I'd be using raid. and it works fine without the patch but I'm hellbent on playing it at 1.1.
@timyadeadhomie Hehe holding out for the best isn't always a bad thing. I've never experienced 1.1, just cheap surround sound.
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