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Wipeout HD 1 of 8

by Reiaze on 30/NOV/09 | Back to Reiaze's Media

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Wipeout HD

Wipeout HD (PS3)

Genre/Style: Racing/Futuristic Racing
Release Date:
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Ah Wipeout....I have enjoyed these games for years.
As have I. The HD version is well-worth the price of admission, but the in-game ads are kind-of a slap to the face. Oh well, at least they don't affect gameplay.
I have to laugh at in game adds sometimes, like those in burnout paradise....I am NOT going to go buy a Visio tv LOL. Anyway..

I wish they had made HD more like Wipeout Fury. I liked that you could customise the ships. And there was a track that if done in reverse..you would fly off a huge hill and it would make your stomach churn LOL.
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